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Your everyday good-looking guy, who is just enough to raise interest but not eyebrows,

Gregory Yuan is a SAG-E Actor

He has booked 12 commercials in the last year with companies such as Apple, GAP Inc, and PWC. He currently has a commercial with Kobe Bryant that is running in China. 

Gregory Yuan also stars as Alan in Ahma and Alan, a short film where he was flown to Taipei for 2 weeks of shooting and that required him to speak both Mandarin and English. He can also be seen in American Asian as Calvin, which is a short film that was accepted into a film festival in Berlin.

Gregory Yuan also comes from an extensive background in Musical Theater, performing roles not typically seen for Asian Actors such as Action in West Side Story and the Beast from Beauty & The Beast, while also performing classic roles such as Lun Tha in The King and I.

Last but not least he is a dancer that excels in bboying, pop and lock, and hip hop.